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Monday, 13 June 2011

My second love

It is quite clear judging by my past posts that I am very interested in games an technology. However there is another thing that takes up my time, and that is music.

Whether it be listening or playing, music is my passion! I was given a guitar for my birthday last year and soon after began taking lessons. Despite my guitar teacher being an insane shredder, I was not interested in going down this path. I began liking acoustic music. It was easy for me to learn at the time and i progressed well.

My sister's boyfriend moved in with us soon after and he is also a guitarist. He was a huge fan of Led Zeppelin and Van Halen and I could often hear him playing these amazing songs. I said to myself, I want to be able to do that.

Sure enough I started listening to the greats, Guns n Roses, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin just to name a few. These bands inspired me! Jimmy Page especially! The first real challenge a set myself was to learn Stairway to Heaven,. This goal being set just a couple months after beginning lessons. I practised and practised, trying to master my favourite song. My guitar teacher helped me immensely. With out his help, it would have taken me much longer.

The day I could play that song start to finish I was so proud of myself. To this date it helps to calm me down when ever I am frustrated or angry.

I have continued progressing, learning many other great songs. I only wish that one day someone will refer to something I write as a great song.

So tell me this,
What is your passion?

- Matt


  1. Personally I'm a harmonica aficionado.

  2. I like BMX bikes, like doing tricks and stuff.

  3. I'm really passionate about writing.

  4. Sick man!

    We have the same interests.

    But beer goes in between so..

    Music (non-poser ones)

    Rock on! \m/

  5. I always wanted to play a guitar, but I am too clumsy :P

  6. I just noticed they're using double-guitars. Badass!

  7. guitar is a great way to relive some stress and tension. i use it for the same reasons!

  8. Awesome blog posts!
    Followed, brother!

  9. I'm the same way, been playing for ten years but I'd rather play acoustic music like Andy Mckee or rock like Hendrix and Led Zepplin.

  10. Great blog. I tried to play a guitar once... a shame.

  11. Computers are my passion. Simply put. Followed.

  12. My passion is also music. I'm actually studying to be studio tech so eventually I can work my way up to a better position. I've been playing all sorts of instruments since I was a little kid, and now 11 years later I would say I'm pretty good on a whole range of instruments.