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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Curse My Internet

Slow speeds,
You have got to hate them!
All i know is, they drive me up the wall. constantly getting speeds slower then 2mbps! And this is on an ADSL2+ connection!

I used to receive speeds around 3.5mbps but after changing to a plan with more bandwidth, it seems my ISP has throttled me.

This makes downloading hell! I use steam as a way to purchase most of my games and with such slow speeds, even a 4gb game is an over night job. I'm sure I don't have the worst speeds on the planet, but with me being such an internet dependant person, my speeds sure do frustrate me!

'Til next time,
 - Matt


  1. That's too bad. I'm on 25down/1.5 up ATM and it's great. :)

  2. I run on a smooth connection aswell.
    But with ups and downs.

    Not everything works as intended ;)

  3. Internet connection is great!
    +follow 1

  4. There is no such thing as a good internet connection.... there is always something else to screw you over.

  5. i cant keep my eyes of your page mmmm

  6. I've had internet trouble too lately. I was on a wireless network, which kept cutting out. I got too frustrated with it after a few days, now I use an Ethernet cable and it's so much better.

  7. I couldn't agree with you more man. I actually pay for 21down/9up and I certainly don't get what I pay for, but then again Comcast isn't known for being that good to it's subscribers. I've called a thousand times and they don't do ANYTHING for me.

  8. Oh man I feel you there, I've been using clear wire for a year now. and it's been such a headache. when Hulu came out on the xbox 360 I went ahead and got a subscription and pretty much started watching old shows 24/7. Although they claim unlimited internet, I recieved an email saying that they would be throttling my bandwidth because I use more than the average user. A year of torrent downloading nothing, a month of hulu and now they're mad. :(

  9. We're currently in a 768 kbps connection.

    I'm contented with this! :)

    You are the lucky ones...