My Thoughts on Stuff!: Duke Nukem

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Duke Nukem

He's Back Baby...
After a 12 year wait, it had finally been released. You would have though that in that time the graphics engine would have been updated a little bit. But no, this game is surprisingly running on the original Unreal engine.  I have to admit, it looks quite impressive for such an old engine.

The game is full of witty one liners, pointing fun at many things, even at itself during some points in the game. It also points fun at other games such as the Halo franchise.

As expected, sexual innuendo is almost non stop during this game and sometimes its a little bit more then innuendo!

The graphics of this game are very disappointing compared to other modern games. However, the game play itself is very enjoyable. The standard video game health bar has been replaced with an "ego" bar which reaches maximum potential when Duke engages is certain activity's throughout the game. Such as playing 8-ball, bench pressing insane amounts of weight and gambling.

A let down to this game is that Duke is only able to carry 2 weapons. This seems illogical, a man who can bench press 600lb but cannot carry 2 guns, even when one of them is a pistol.

This game is very enjoyable so I encourage you to try it out and have your own opinion for the game.

Pros -

Cons -
Old engine
Bad graphics
Horrible AI
Long loading times.

I rate this game a 6.7/10

I feel that the enjoyable game play makes up for the dated looks.



  1. Poor Duke, he deserved a better game...

  2. I played the demo and was a bit disappointed. As someone else said, it was unfortunately average.

  3. I still want to give this game a try. just to say I got to play it in my lifetime lol.

  4. Wont be purchasing this game. Dont think it will live up to its hype

  5. Nice review makes me rethink if i should buy it or not.

  6. Game still looks sexy and I've been waiting ages for it. I must try it.

  7. They should have just never released it, it was better as a myth.

  8. Hah. I dont think Id spend 60 dollars on this. . Ill wait for the price drop

  9. I want to play this game so bad!

  10. I think more people will enjoy it simply because of the lower system requirements. Possibly was a good decision.

  11. Honestly I wasnt gonna play this game for the gameplay or the "amazing" multiplayer but for the BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS and for all the chicks :D

    How to Hack Life.

  12. I'm surprised that it's actually been finished. I'm not surprised though that it seems to be a pretty average title.

  13. Played it, it should be better if they didn't release it. DN3D is better in every way.

  14. thats my attempt at humour :P

  15. Will definitely give it a shot.