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Friday, 10 June 2011

My Rig

Hello Again,
This is my rig which I recently built. It's nothing super good and is not the prettiest thing ever but im loving it!
Here are my a few of my specs.
AMD 1090t
8gb G.Skill Ripjaws ram
Asus 560 ti
CM 690 II Advanced

What are your computers like?
- Matt


  1. It doesn't have to be the fastest or the prettiest. Having built many a PC myself, there
    is a certain pride and joy building your own system. I salute you sir! /salute

  2. Thankyou kind sir. I was rather proud of myself when everything was done and very pleased with how smooth it runs during gaming.

  3. looking good. Considering builing my own PC in the near future..

  4. Wow. Would never build my own computer. Followed.

  5. building a computer is surprisingly easily when you know what your doing. :D

  6. I don't have pictures of mine, and I'm honestly a little foggy on every part I used.

    AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 250 Processor
    ATI Radeon HD 4850
    4gb of RAM

    Mine was on the cheap side. Like $800.

  7. lol yours is like twice the powerr house of mine but im still able to run everything on max and good

  8. Mine should last me a while. hopefully the CPU doesnt become outdated quickly due to bulldozer being released soon

  9. How much would that have cost you?

    My system is 6 years old, so I'm going to refrain from pesting specs to avoid embarassment.

  10. hahaha mine cost me 1.2 grand and I built it around a month ago now. And thats Australian prices to it would be cheaper in america

  11. I recently had to downgrade when my power supply shorted out my mother board and graphics card...

    I have a Pentium d
    ASUS pnd
    4 gigs corsair ddr2
    Nvidia 9800
    650w corsair power supply

  12. I have a Tandy.. damn thing doesn't play WOW.

  13. I've got an i5 @ 2.6 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 750 GB HDD, and oc'd GeForce 460 1GB. :)

  14. nice man, what i5? 2500k? and what you OC the 460 to?

  15. That'll do pig, that'll do. :)

    Phenom 555 x2
    4850 512mb
    4gb ddr3 single channel (splitting the other 4 with my girlfriend, four sticks i had were corrupted)
    corsair 650watt psu
    asrock 780g motherboard
    cooler master haf 912 case

    Really hoping to get this side job so I can upgrade my card, get some dual channel ram and a 6core... Very much so in want.

  16. Nice, that's a bit of a beast

  17. Wow, that's impressive. Followed

  18. Looks good, specifically the CPU heatsink.

  19. if i were to choose another heat sync, i would go the next one up from what i have got. the noctua nh-d14, its even bigger then mine! ahah